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Solar panels in the bodywork of cars? The first models are here!

Automotive is at one of the most crucial moments ever seen in more than its 100 years of history. In addition to the change of habits in the mobility of the consumers, that will affect the use and the ownership of vehicles in the near future...

1.Clock shifts increases car crashes.jpg
Can clock shifts increase the number of car crashes?

In the early hours of Sunday, October 27, we returned to standard time in the EU, until the end of March, when we will go back to summer time...

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Did you know that one out of every ten drivers parks "by ear"?

Parking is one of the maneuvers in which more drivers put their car's body and paint at risk. Not for nothing, it's one of the most stressful driving situations.

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Artificial intelligence to scan the vehicle's bodywork in search for imperfections?

That's the proposal of UVeye, a 3D scanning tool initially conceived and developed to help security forces detect explosives hidden in vehicles...

Celebrating Innovation and long lasting successful Partnerships

Bodyshop managers from across Saudi Arabia were pleased to attend an exciting event, jointly hosted by Colors EST. For Paints and NEXA AUTOCOLOR® at the Jeddah Hilton Hotel.

Do you know when and where the first ever bodywork repair due to a car crash took place?

So, how, when, and where did the first car crash in history take place?

External airbags: Minimizing the consequences of side impacts on passengers and car body

Side impact collisions are amongst the most dangerous type of car accidents. In fact, they represent almost 700 deaths per year and almost one third of all passenger deaths in German roads.

How will the bodywork repair evolve until 2024?

By 2030, there will be a 15% decrease in the number of accidents, a 23% reduction in repairs, a 19% decline in parts value, and a 17% drop in total market value, according to ICDP, an organization specialized in automotive industry research.

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What are the most common repairs in bodyshops?

As cars have evolved, the operations on them have become more complex, and as a result the work in the garage has changed.

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Leasing, bodywork and paint repairs.

Around 60% of the operations that garages perform that are requested by a leasing company are related to bodywork and Paint.

Car makers already include videos in their service manuals to facilitate certain bodywork repairs

Video is one of the most consumed formats in the internet. More than 500 hours of video are watched on YouTube every day...

Paint and Body Car Shops Warn About the Lack of Qualified Labour

The lack of labour in the sector of vehicle repair is an issue that has affected this industry for some years now. It is an evident problem both in the countries of the EMEA region.