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Next generation low gloss clearcoats

Innovative clearcoat system for a superior solution

The NEXA AUTOCOLOR® brand, responding to an increasing trend for low gloss or matt finishes in the market, is proud to introduce its latest unique and innovative solution to improve the specialist repair process for these vehicles.

With P190-1062 Matt Clearcoat and P190-1063 Semi-Gloss Clearcoat, Nexa Autocolor brand is launching the next generation of dedicated low gloss clearcoats.

These two new products have been specifically formulated so that they can be mixed together, in a wide range of ratios to perfectly match the OEM low gloss finish, whatever
the local conditions and even when there is gloss variation seen from vehicle to vehicle.

P190-1062 Matt Clearcoat and P190-1063 Semi-Gloss Clearcoat provide the flexible solution for the specialised repair of vehicles, or areas on the car, originally finished with a full body low gloss clearcoat. Both clearcoats can be used over rigid plastics (including wing mirror covers, grills and bumpers) without the need for special additives, providing a hard and durable finish. They offer excellent application properties and are easy to denib and remove dirt, further enhancing bodyshop productivity.

A further key benefit when using P190-1062 and P190-1063 is that they enable basecoat blending, helping bodyshops to achieve the perfect colour quality as well as the perfect final gloss level. Nexa Autocolor brand is committed to the innovation of new products and repair processes, outstanding colour quality, and dedicated tools and services, all seeking to improve bodyshop quality, productivity and profitability.


NEXA AUTOCOLOR® is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.