A clearcoat using the world’s most advanced technology, completing a full waterborne solution.

The NEXA AUTOCOLOR® brand, one of the world's leading innovative refinish paint brands, is available in over 147 countries through networks of importers and specialist distributors.

P910-5510 Waterborne Clearcoat has now been further improved with the introduction of a new hardener and thinner that deliver enhanced flow and appearance, making it even easier for bodyshop professionals to achieve a premium result.

The new hardener (P210-886) and thinner (P980-2552) improve the speed, flow and final appearance of P910-5510 waterborne clearcoat and are simple to mix and easy to use. The resulting premium finish is gained without any gloss drop overnight. Any imperfections can be easily and quickly polished thus further improving bodyshop productivity.

The development and introduction of the new hardener and thinner further reinforce Nexa Autocolor brand's position as an innovator of leading edge products.

Always at the forefront of innovation, Nexa Autocolor brand led the refinish industry with the launch of AQUABASE® waterborne basecoat, the world's first waterborne basecoat mixing system. Launched in 1992, Aquabase waterborne basecoat became the market's leading waterborne basecoat. In 2006 the launch of the groundbreaking Aquabase Plus waterborne mixing scheme again demonstrated Nexa Autocolor brand's lead in waterborne technology.

As the world's first "next generation" product, Aquabase Plus waterborne basecoat takes performance to an even higher level offering the best colour matching accuracy, faster drying and superb easy fade-out capability. When P950-2028 waterborne undercoat was launched in 2006, this took the performance of waterborne technology to a new level. This versatile waterborne epoxy undercoat can be applied directly over many substrates (removing the need for etch priming) and is an excellent sealer of sensitive substrates.

  • P910-5510 Waterborne Clearcoat
  • Aquabase Plus waterborne basecoat
  • P950-2028 Waterborne Epoxy Primer

The most advanced and complete waterborne system in the world is now even better and delivers a more environmentally friendly solution, cutting solvent emissions further than has previously been possible.


NEXA AUTOCOLOR® and AQUABASE® are registered trademarks of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.