Fast process times and superb finish

NEXA AUTOCOLOR® brand is launching a new Spot Blender, developed using the latest technology. P273-1106 and P850-1622 are available, ready for use, in both a can and an aerosol, to offer flexibility for all types of repair, and combine ease of application with fast process times and a superb finish.

  • Easy to use
  • Fast process time
  • Superb finish

Nexa Autocolor brand presents its new user friendly Spot Blender developed to improve speed and ease of use, whilst maintaining a high quality finish.

P273-1106 and P850-1622 are designed to make the painter’s work easier and efficient. Both products provide very good wetting of the paint surface, melt easily on the repair edge, and with very little haze after drying only minimal polishing is required. These features combined with a fast flash off reduce the total fade out process time, and increase bodyshop efficiency.

This new Spot Blender is available ready for use, in both a can and aerosol, and can be applied directly to the fadeout edge. The aerosol allows for maximum speed with reduced waste and cleaning, and the spraygun version can be used for larger areas and optimum control.

The benefits of this new Spot Blender will allow painters to be confident and quick in their work, increasing productivity and therefore lowering the cost per repair. This is a key commitment for Nexa Autocolor brand, innovators in repair process solutions.


NEXA AUTOCOLOR® is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.