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The best just got better, faster and easier.

That’s because our industry-leading RapidMatch X-5 spectrophotometer now utilises an improved software workflow that enhances speed, productivity and formula match accuracy. Using advanced algorithms, match ratings are combined with a texture indicator to produce a new level of colour characterisation.

Additionally, a wealth of enhancements automate routine processes, streamline searching and accelerate faster downloads. Combined with the RapidMatch X-5 spectrophotometer’s advanced optics and NEXA AUTOCOLOR® brand robust database of colour information, refinish technicians can easily retrieve the best blendable colour match more quickly and accurately.



  • Intuitive workflow provides quicker results – find the best match in just two clicks
  • Automatic solid/metallic selection
  • Time to download and retrieve results cut in half
  • Car list includes a visual colour ­representation to simplify selection
  • Final results screen packed with vital information, including match rating, texture indicator, tint direction and ­variant description
  • New texture indicator provides further assistance when choosing the right formula


Better Colour Matches.
Increased Productivity.

Target colour readings are automatically downloaded from the RapidMatch X-5 saving spectrophotometer to the software ­workflow, time and steps.


Umbraco 1

Green Green Go for the Highest Quality Matches

This action-oriented results screen quickly delivers the best starting formula by combining match rating and texture. Results with two green indications  give technicians the confidence to  initiate formula retrieval and mixing –  Search. Rate. Mix. The formula adjustment option is available when the match rating indicates Check (yellow) and will offer a directional improvement to the target colour. 

Umbraco 2


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