Around 60% of the operations that garages perform that are requested by a leasing company are related to bodywork and paint. What does the leasing company expect from the garage that takes care of their vehicles’ bodywork? The president of the Asociación Española de Renting de Vehículos (AER) -Spanish Association of Vehicles Leasing-, Agustín García, shed some light on these issues in a presentation at the Encuentro de Redes de Talleres de la Posventa Plural, a professional event recently held at Motortec Automechanika Madrid, the leading automotive aftermarket trade fair in Spain.

In a country like Spain, one of the main automotive European markets, leasing can provide garages with work worth 750 million euros in 2019, as stated Agustín García in his speech, “Leasing, a present and future bet for garages”, at the event held during Motortec Automechanika Madrid. Of the aforementioned figure, 60%, around 450 million euros, would correspond to repairs by own damage, that is, bodywork repairs performed at body and paint garages, with a direction of 100%. The remaining 40% would be related to maintenance, repairs and tire replacing operations.

What does leasing offer to garages?

As explained by the president of AER, leasing provides garages with an extra volume of work to their business “that allows them to cover their structure costs, make a profit and take advantage of working with a quality collaborator”.

In addition, according to Agustín García, leasing guarantees that all the quotes become an invoice; work homogeneity (continuous flow throughout the year, covering off-peak periods); and quick repairs (since they are new vehicles, no major interventions are needed).

Garages get, according to the president of AER, visibility and prestige when working with a “demanding” client such as leasing companies, in addition to gaining access to digital tools which facilitate the preparation of quotes, make intervention validation faster, as well as help with billing or payments.

Likewise, the head of AER highlighted the importance of what leasing can provide garages in terms of their relationship with the client. On one hand, Agustín García stated that leasing allows garages to build customer loyalty (the most valued opinion by leasing companies is mainly the client, the driver). On the other hand, it allows them to gain new indirect clients (a satisfied client becomes a regular). Besides, this increase in clients means savings in costs, since attracting each new customer has a marketing cost.

To sum up, according to Agustín García, leasing offers “future” to the garages working with their vehicles.

To finish, the AER president mentioned the main aspects that leasing companies look for in a garage: “that they are allies in our service image, professionality and quality, that they are respectful to the environment, meeting the due dates, offering a quality service at a competitive price, adding services with added value that provide comfort to the lessee and that are transparent regarding the information included in their quotes”.



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