Universal Stopper

Product Description

P551-1052 Universal Stopper is a high performance stopper, which may be used under any NEXA AUTOCOLOR® undercoat or fine stopper. It has a smooth creamy application and is  formulated to provide excellent adhesion to a wide variety of metal substrates, including zinc-galvanised.

Product Code: P551-1052

Features & Benefits

  • All-purpose product
  • Increased working time leads to reduced wastage
  • Excellent adhesion to zinc-galvanised surfaces
  • Can be overcoated with any Nexa Autocolor undercoat
  • Available in 1.5 kg Cartridge or 2Kg tin


 Application Process


Shop temperature

5 – 10 ºC

10 – 20 ºC

Over 20 ºC


2 %

2 %

1 %


Working time

4 to 9 minutes, depending on stopper type and conditions.

Air-dry at 20°C  15 to 30 Minutes (depending on conditions).


P80-P120 and finishing with P150 - P240. 

For additional information, consult technical data sheet F0100V.