Product Description

P190-6850 HS Clearcoat is a high quality 2-Pack acrylic clearcoat. 

Suitable for all types of repair, it offers a hard and durable finish enabling early handling of the repair after drying.  

It is designed to be used over 2K® basecoat and AQUABASE® Plus waterborne basecoat.

Product Code: P190-6850

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent Flow and Gloss over 2K, Aquabase and Aquabase Plus
  • Easy Application
  • Good Durability


Application Process

Mixing by weight



P850 - 2K Thinner

Standard System

2 parts

1 parts

0 - 0.15 part*

Pot-Life at 20°C

2 hours


Spray viscosity

17-18  secs DIN4 at 20°C

Spraygun Size

1.3-1.5 mm.


Number of Coats

2 Single Coats

Drying times: Bake at 60°C

30 minutes

 For additional information, consult technical data sheet J1920.