Product Description

The new HS Plus clearcoat is the ultimate ‘easy to use’ clearcoat; with easy preparation, just 2 components in a 2:1 mix ratio, application and polishing, combined with an excellent final appearance, repair after repair.

P190-6570 is a versatile clearcoat. With 60 minutes workable time, it is suitable for 2-3 panels as well as a total respray, it bakes rock hard in just 15 minutes at 60˚C. 

Product Code: P190-6570




  • Ease of use; application, polishing, sag resistance.
  • Very hard after just 15 mins at 60˚C.
  • Consistent excellent results, even with different application conditions.
  • Painters can be confident and quick and with less chance of rework.
  • A productive repair process.
  • Very easy to achieve a high quality repair, every time.



Application Process

Mixing by weight



Standard System

2 parts

2 parts

Pot-Life at 20°C

1 hour sprayable time

1½ hour double viscosity


Spray viscosity

16-18 secs DIN4 at 20°C

Spraygun Size

1.2-1.3 mm.


Number of Coats

Express Single Visit Process

Two Coat Application Process


1 light/medium closed coat followed by a full 

 2 single coats  

Drying times: Bake at 60°C

 15 minutes

 For additional information, consult technical data sheet J2380V.