Product Description

P190-7000 and P190-7010 can be used with a single hardener to provide the best clearcoat solution over all temperature ranges.

Delivering easy application and superior hardness and scratch resistance coupled with excellent final appearance helps to ensure maximum efficiency and quality within the Bodyshop.

Product Code: P190-7000

Application Process

Mixing by weight



P850-16** series thinners

Standard System

3 parts

1 part

0.6 part

Pot-Life at 20°C

75 minutes


Spray viscosity

18-20 secs DIN4 at 20°C

Spraygun Sizes

1.2 mm. HVLP

1.2-1.3 mm. Compliant


Number of Coats

Apply 1 light/medium coat followed by a full coat

Drying times: Bake at 60°C

20 minutes

 For additional information, consult technical data sheet J2770V.