2K® Epoxy Primer

Product Description

P565-2834 2K Epoxy Primer is a versatile Surfacer giving excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates. Ideally it is used as a Wet-on-Wet or Non-Sand Surfacer. It is also an excellent sealer for use over TPA finishes.  

Product Code: P565-2834

Application Process

Mixing by volume 




1 vol

1 vol


Potlife at 20°C

16 hours


Spray viscosity

15 secs DIN4 / 20°c

Spraygun Size

1.4-1.8 mm.


Number of Coats


Drying times: Recoatable at 20°c

20 - 30 min.

 For additional information, consult technical data sheet G0980.