P565-888 Fast High-Build Filler/Surfacer

Product Description

P565-888 and P565-889 are 2-pack acrylic, flattable primers, developed for use under 2K ® topcoats (P420, P421, P471) 2K ® Basecoats (P422) AQUABASE® Basecoats (P965) and AQUABASE ® Plus Basecoats (P989). They are easy to apply and flat and give excellent final appearance and durability. They can be used in primer surfacer and primer filler mode. 

Product Code: P565-888

Features & Benefits

  • A versatile 2-pack acrylic flattable primer
  • Gives good build coupled with excellent durability
  • Gives excellent flatting properties and fast process times 
  • Can be used in high build, spray filler and fast primer surfacer modes
  • Suitable for complete panels / vehicles or spot repairs


Application Process

Mixing by weight





5 parts

1 part

0.9 part


5 parts

1 part

0.3 part


Potlife at 20°C

2 hours

45 minutes


Spray viscosity

16-18 secs DIN4

30-35 secs DIN4 

Spraygun Size

1.6-1.8 mm.

1.8-2.0 mm.


Number of Coats

2-3 coats

3-4 coats

Drying times

Air-dry at 20°C

Stoving at a metal temperature of 60°C


2-4 hours

20-30 minutes


5-6 hours

40 minutes

 For additional information, consult technical data sheet H1420V.