HP High Build Chromate Free Epoxy Primer – White, Grey, Beige

Product Description

With P580-4501, P580-4505 and P580-4510 HP High Build Chromate Free Epoxy Primer NEXA AUTOCOLOR® brand is enpowered by an high solids set of primers where fast curing, excellent adhesion properties and supreme ease of use is granted together with good corrosion resistance over most common commercial transport substrates. The supreme sag resistance and the ease of application make of those primers the right choice for general refurbishment as well as for new build. Available in white, beige and grey as to fit any different light application environment and get the best opacity out of Nexa Autocolor topcoats.

Product Code: P580-4505



Application Process

Mixing by weight




HVLP and Conventional Application

4 parts

1 part

0.5 -1.5 parts

Airless / Air-Assisted Airless Spray

4 parts

1 part

Pot-Life at 20°C

3-4 hours

 3-4 hours


Spray viscosity

25 – 35 Seconds DIN4

60-70 seconds DIN4

Spraygun Sizes

1.6 -1.8 mm Conventional 

1.8 mm HVLP



Number of Coats

2-3 single coats

1-3 coats

Flash off

10-15 minutes between coats

10-15 minutes before stoving


Drying times

Air Dry (20°C)

Low Bake (60oC metal temperature)


8 - 10 hours Hard dry

45 - 60 min. Hard dry


 For additional information, consult technical data sheet T8700V.