Product Description

P565-897 2K® Wet on Wet Isocyanate cured undercoat has with outstanding holdout properties beneath Nexa Autocolor brand topcoats. Thanks to its curing properties, it grants the best efficient process, while providing outstanding final appearence. It can be tinted with EHS TURBO® Plus tinters or ready mixed colours for use as a tintable undercoat, thus resulting again in process efficency advantage.

Product Code: P565-897

Application Process

Mixing by weight

P565-897 (tinted or untinted)

P210-982 or P210-9652



5 part

1 part

2 parts

Pot-Life at 20°C

60 minutes


Spray viscosity

15-17 secs DIN4 at 20°C

Spraygun Sizes

1.0-1.4 mm


Number of Coats

1 or 2 single coats depending on build required

Flash off

10-15 minutes between coats.

30 minutes before topcoating

Drying times

Air Dry (20°C): Recoat

Stoving at metal temperature of 60°C


30 minutes for wet-on-wet use

30 minutes

 For additional information, consult technical data sheet U0830V_E.